Outreach at Square


We believe we are called to go both near and far to make disciples. Our Outreach Ministries are designed to serve our Madison neighbors through first building relationships and then sharing the good news of the Gospel by word and deed.

Neighborhood Friends Outreach Team

Join one of our Neighborhood Outreach Teams to visit neighbors on assigned streets periodically. Our goal is to build relationships with our neighbors, to meet their spiritual and other needs as people made in the image of God.

COMMITMENT Flexible per your schedule.

CONTACT Pastor Paula at paula.seales@gmail.com 

Community Outreach at Partner Organizations

If you love meeting folks, you can make some great connections, Tuesday – Thursday, between 11:30 and 1:30pm at LINC UP. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with Madison neighbors.

COMMITMENT At least 30 mins, weekly

CONTACT Pastor Paula at paula.seales@gmail.com 

Social Justice Seekers

Join the grass root effort to do advocacy across denominational, racial, and cultural lines on issues that continue to marginalize people in our communities.

COMMITMENT Flexible per your schedule

CONTACT Pastor Paula at paula.seales@gmail.com 

Soul Food Sundays

On 5th Sundays at 5:30pm, we create a wonderful dining and worship atmosphere in our sanctuary where social and economic barriers are removed and the love of Jesus Christ fills every heart. Come eat soul food and feed your soul with the word of God. Come and enjoy (but come early because these tend to always be packed out!) or come bless others through serving at the event.

Buffet servers, table hosts, prayer servants, decorators, ushers and more are needed for this church and community gathering.

COMMITMENT On fifth Sundays or dates to be determined

CONTACT US to learn more

No Fear Here

For over 20 years, every Oct. 31 we host a Halloween alternative party for our Madison neighborhood called No Fear Here. We typically recruit 100 volunteers and have around 1000 people come to the event! We clear out the sanctuary and fill it with 20 games and 2 bounce houses with prizes and candy at each game, have popcorn in the lobby, a hot dog dinner in the multipurpose room, and hand every kid a bag of candy, Bible verses, and information about the church as they leave.

We also have the gathering room set aside for those who wish to receive prayer. This is one of our favorite traditions at Madison and it is amazing to connect with Madison neighbors throughout the year and hear them say, “Oh yeah! I know that church! We go there every year on Halloween!”