Liberia Connection

OuR Partnership

Madison has been truly blessed to be in partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Providence Baptist Church of Monrovia, Liberia. Our ties formed several years ago, while our former pastor, Sam Reeves, ministered at Madison. Pastor Sam has now returned to his native country to minister at our sister church. Our ties are stronger than ever thanks to the Building Bridges group.

We believe this relationship gives us a unique opportunity to live out our Christian faith globally, sharing in fellowship with one body, one Spirit, one God. (Ephesians 4:3-6) We join together:
• In prayer and encouragement
• In mutual exchange of communication and visitors
• In unity of cultures through relationship-building
• In ministering

Historical Background

Providence Baptist Church of Monrovia, Liberia is a historical landmark. It is the oldest church in Liberia at 180 years old. In January 1822, founding pastor, Lot Carey, along with Collin Teage, Joseph Langford, and their families set sail from Richmond Virginia. They arrived at Providence Island on the Mesurado River and immediately established the church. The first sanctuary was built in 1828. The current stone sanctuary dates to 1839 and became a National shrine in 1975. 

Madison/ Providence Relationship