Community Groups at Square

Growing in Authentic Community

Church is about more than sitting in the service each Sunday morning, it is about having deep transformational relationships in community.

Spiritual Formation in Community

Spiritual Formation in Community is God’s Holy Spirit power working in us and through us (even the painful stuff) continually transforming us (our hearts, minds, souls) as His Church for His grand kingdom purposes which sometimes we don’t always get to see or understand.

Whether you are in a small group, discipleship relationship, Bible study, serving in a ministry or leadership position, there are many opportunities to grow in faith within a caring community while at Madison Church: Square Campus. If you need help discerning which season of faith you are in, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Community Groups

Community Groups are caring communities that commit to meeting regularly for relationship building, discipleship, community, service, and spiritual growth. Groups range in size from 3-12 people.

Care Group

Care groups are all about doing life together, in community. Groups consist of a group leader and about 8-10 people that are committed to meeting together to do Bible studies, share life’s situations, pray, serve, and grow together. For example, when one is sick another may bring a meal or care for special needs. The group shares the responsibility of contacting each other and caring for each other.

Many of our Care Groups are presently full, but if you are interested in forming a new group with others waiting to be in a small group and need help getting started, please contact us at


Organic Groups

Sometimes community happens organically–people decide to meet together for a time to pray, do a Bible study, meet over a common interest, or just be together. Organic groups can start as easily as contacting (walking up to, calling, texting, or emailing) a few people and saying: “I’m really feeling like I want to grow and have discussions on “this” topic. Want to meet on this day, at this time?” Then start meeting and having some really good discussions. Frequency, material, and other logistics are decided among participants.

Discipleship Relationships

Discipleship Relationships happen when two or more people decide to intentionally meet regularly to grow in their discipleship relationship with Jesus and each other. Frequency, material, and other logistics are decided among participants. 

CONTACT Mark DeNooyer,

One-to-One Bible Study

Commit to meeting with someone regularly to read through and discuss a book of the Bible. For more information, please click here.

Community Group Leader Training

We want to ensure that there is always enough room and opportunity to join community groups for those interested in going deeper in their discipleship alongside other believers. If you are interested in leading or facilitating a community group, or if you are a part of a group that has room for a few more people, please contact