All-Site Soul Care


If you long to experience deeper levels of peace, freedom, and wholeness, this ministry can help you on your journey. Whether life feels hard or easy or somewhere in between, soul care can enhance your spiritual growth. 

People who engage in the ministry often experience a sense of freedom as the Holy Spirit begins to move. Many are surprised to look in the mirror and see how they are becoming more like Jesus.


Personal Prayer Sessions

Trained caregivers will pray with you as you seek to understand places of brokenness, pain, and confusion. By positioning you to encounter Jesus, they will invite you to experience healing of specific emotional, relational, or spiritual wounds.

 Formational Groups

In Formational Groups, Christ is the center, the Holy Spirit is the guide, and all aspects of life are the landscape for change. The format for each week includes: teaching, a spiritual activity, an experiential component, and weekly assignments. Topics include: behaviors we would like to change, difficult emotions, wounds, core longings, forgiveness, the power of lament, and more. Groups typically consist of 4-5 participants meeting for twelve weeks.

Formational groups are led by trained care givers who use the curriculum developed by Terry Wardle of Healing Care Ministries

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Recommended Books and Resources

Healing Care Ministries, founded by Dr. Terry Wardle, provides excellent seminars for anyone interested in soul care.
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From Broken to Beloved, Terry Wardle

Identity Matters by Terry Wardle
Identity Matters: Discovering Who You Are in Christ: Terry Wardle: 9780891124931: Books