All-Site Soul Care

Healing, Freedom, and Wisdom in Jesus

The vision of this all-site ministry is that we would become a flourishing church of believers, growing in our identities as beloved children of God – living in wholeness and freedom, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Since we realize one size does not fit all, there are a variety of ways to engage. We offer three unique formats. 

soul care is for everyone:

Whether life feels hard or easy or somewhere in between, soul care can become a catalyst for your spiritual growth, yielding a greater sense of peace, freedom, and wholeness, through the power of the Holy Spirit. For more information about how to go deeper in your discipleship journey by receiving prayer for areas of your life that need greater growth, contact

For soul care inquiries please email our coordinator here:

Three unique formats:

Journey to Wholeness

These appointments utilize spiritual direction and care to help provide tools for Christians to respond to condemning thoughts, compulsive behaviors and personal conflicts through Christ’s atoning work in order to live more fully into a life of flourishing in Christ by the Spirit.

Personal Prayer Sessions

The Holy Spirit, moving through a trained caregiver, brings the healing presence of Jesus into the places of pain and brokenness. This process is intended to address very specific emotional, relational, or spiritual wounds.

Formational Groups

These groups are currently under construction and will be offered again in the near future.

For soul care inquiries please email our coordinator here: