“My prayer is that every committed disciple would imagine themselves responsible for the future formation of the church. To dream about starting something small that is very much the church for their lives. To see it as something intimate and precious. To make the fundamental shift from believing the church is something someone else starts and runs that we choose and consume, to believing the church is something like a family that each of us pursues in the course of our life with God. The where of it then is less important than the who. The end result will be as fascinating, diverse, and wonderful as every family. Church then is not a building or set of programs. It is a value we live out, a close relationship with others, and in each sincere expression, in each yearning community, God is there. One of Jesus’ first promises to his people is that whenever two or more are gathered in his name, he will be there in the midst of us.” 

Brian Sanders, Microchurches: A Smaller Way

Microchurch FAQS

What is a microchurch? 

The simplest unit of the church with elements of worship, community and mission, each beautiful and contextually unique, full of warmth, honesty, friendship and love. Whether at home, a gym, coffee shop or sanctuary, microchurches accentuate the advantages of being small, together they have a macro impact in the community.

Who are the members?  

A microchurch can comprise 5-30 members, half the average size of a church. Because microchurches emphasize missions, the majority of members are people who are either unchurched or de-churched.  Madison folks usually serve as supporters or helpers.

What is the structure?

           All microchurches fall under the Madison Microchurch Network, which is spearheaded by Pastor Paula and under the authority of  the Madison Church All-Site Elders. In its contextual origin, a microchurch establishes its unique design and rhythm. Their gatherings may not resemble a traditional service but will have elements of worship, fellowship, prayer, the Word and mission. 

Microchurches have only a minimal amount of structure, just enough to allow them to function. Their organization tends to be flat as opposed to hierarchical, with a more egalitarian operation.

What is Kavod Fellowship? 

Kavod Fellowship is the first of the Madison Microchurch Network. It was formed during Covid in 2020 and comprises about 35 members. Kavod meets weekly on Thursday evenings at the Square campus and Wednesday mornings at Samaritas (Burton SE).  

What makes micro-churches attractive or different from care groups?

Micro-churches are smaller expressions of the church in the community reaching the unchurched and de-churched. They are formed around ideation with anyone interested in, for example, walking, healthy eating, fitness, knitting, Bible Study ( different levels), environmental care etc., whereas care groups and common tables are formed with goals of building community among those already connected to the church.

Microchurches multiply from within and without, reaching more folks for Christ. Their small size and dynamism of seeking and welcoming others naturally creates a racial and social construct that fosters unity.

As part of the ministry of Madison Church, the Madison Microchurch Network is an essential piece of the mission, vision, and values of the church.  There are also additional elements of vision, mission, and values that are uniquely expressed through the Madison Microchurch movement.  

What are these?

Our vision is to multiply as microchurches, reaching more people for Jesus in our holistic approach with no barriers.  

To become small communities of faith (microchurches) in the larger community. (Acts 2:42- 48)


Each micro-church creates space for all to belong including those living in the margins, removing racial and socio-economic barriers.

Loving Your Neighbor
We show Christ’s love for each other and those in the community.

Each micro-church equips and empowers members for service using their God-given gifts.

Priesthood of Believers
Each microchurch regards every person within the group as having God-given gifts to be used to minister to others.

Each microchurch extends its reach into the community to bring others to faith through service and evangelism.

Each microchurch strives for sustainability and greater Kingdom impact by multiplying,

What are the ways to get involved? 

Pray – for a sustainable and thriving Madison Microchurch Network, that many will be reached for Christ. 

Give –Partner financially to support the operations costs of the microchurch network by selecting Microchurch Network on Madison’s giving page. 


  • Ambassador – Be someone willing to share the gospel, build relationships with “outsiders” and connect them with a micro-church.
  • Helper – You can help serve or donate food items, be a driver or intercessor for a microchurch.
  • Leader/ Teacher/ Facilitator- Form a microchurch or lead Bible Study at a microchurch. 

If interested in any of the above, contact Pastor Paula Seales at pseales@madisonchurchgr.org.

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