Learn About Madison Church

We're Glad You're Here

God speaks in diverse ways as we rotate through worship teams and pastors to bring you a fresh perspective on Jesus’ love and grace each Sunday. 

Music ranges from gospel to contemporary and the teaching is practical and biblical, ready to prompt you for transformation. Drama, dance, and art are occasionally offered to engage your different senses and learning styles.

It’s normal for us to raise our hands in total surrender to God as we feel His Holy Spirit at work during worship. You’ll even see some of us waving banners in celebration. 

We hope that God smiles on your visit and that you find yourself at home here with our Madison family. You are welcome to join us at any of our number of weekday programs as well as special events. Just check our campus calendars to see what’s happening.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To follow Christ together as diverse communities

At Madison Church we are a community of believers that find strength in our diversity. We are called by God to share His gospel in hopes of bringing others to know him. In a racially-charged world we strive to be an example of how God’s love conquers all differences and brings all types of people together to serve and glorify Him in all that we do. Here at Madison we use Christ’s love to strengthen each other and build relationships with people who don’t know Jesus. 

Our Mission

We are a called by God the Father and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be transformed by Christ for:


Glorifying God through lives of prayer and worship


Growing Spiritually through Biblical learning and caring relationships


Reconciling in Christ for multicultural living and leading


Going near and far to share Christ’s love in actions and words

Stages of Faith

In this stage, a person is identified as pre-Christian and eventually over time and with the Holy Spirit’s work results in a person trusting in Christ.

Personal Statement

I don’t believe.” to “I believe.

In this stage, a disciple is growing in biblical knowledge, deepening in faith, and practicing increasing levels of spiritual disciplines. There is also a growing awareness of others and finding ways to contribute to God’s kingdom work.

Personal Statement

I am growing in faith, learning about God, and serving the body.” 

The disciple enters a very personal inward journey of faith. This stage is often initiated by a deep inner call to “something more than this.” An experience of hitting “a wall” in faith is often a part of it. Spiritual disciplines that foster reflection and prayer, and other contemplative practices, make space for the Spiritled transformation that ultimately results in a fresh integration of faith to life.  

Personal Statement

God is purifying my faith and I am experiencing a deeper understanding of who I am in Christ and who God is in all His fullness.

The disciple is increasingly experiencing God’s presence and guidance in all aspects of life. The growth and peace of mind experienced through the inner journey and a deeper, grounded center creates a new outward focus.

Personal Statement

It’s all about God.