Indoor Neighborhood Highlight

In 2015 Madison received the donation of this abandoned 76,000 square foot building, and committed across all sites to developing it through the 415 Franklin project. We entered into a two year process of community listening and stakeholder engagement around the question “how can we best use this building as an asset in this community”, and came to three consistent answers to that question: affordable housing, early childhood services, and high quality spaces that are available to the community.

In pursuing these three goals, we established an anchor partnership with ICCF Community Homes and together, developed a vision and a plan for a connected indoor neighborhood of work, worship, living, and learning. By God’s grace we partnered in physically restoring the dilapidated building beginning in 2019, and moved in in 2021. While the 415 MLK renovation was still in process in 2020, we expanded our conversation with ICCF to consider how we might live into a similar vision together at Emerald Flats. This building, located north of downtown on Eastern Ave, was similar to 415 MLK- a huge,abandoned school building with potential to be a place of thriving community. In August 2021, just 6 months after the South hill campus moved into 415 MLK, Madison’s North campus moved into the new indoor neighborhood at Emerald Flats.

We’d like to give you an idea of what life in these spaces looks like across Madison, and also share some exciting vision with you for what this model of partnership and community could look like in the next season.

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