Madison News February 12, 2021

Looking toward the weekend together, there are many new and exciting firsts for us as a Madison family. Here is what you need to know:

This Sunday – Unified Worship
February 14, 2021

This Sunday all Madison campuses will be celebrating the opening of 415 Franklin with an All-Site Worship Service.

A Madison Celebration
10:00am YouTube & Facebook, Live Stream

Giving Options
Option 1 – Giving via US mail.
Send your check (no cash) to the following address:
Madison Square CRC, 1434 Madison Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI, 49507. Please provide a note in the check memo how you want your contribution designated (e.g., Madison at the Square, Madison North, Madison at the Ford, Deacons, Christian Ed, etc.)
Option 2 – Online Giving
Option 3 – Giving via Electronic bank transfer. Fill out the form at this link.
Option 4 – Giving via Cell Phone Text (833-975-1866)

Unifying with Franklin Campus
This Sunday, February 14, from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, walk through and bless this house. Timeslots are still open.

Sign up at


Introducing the New Logo and Website of Madison Church

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
Isaiah 43:19

This “new” work expanded to become a multi-site project that includes renewing our logo, launching a new website, and creating a new color palette and style guide that will guide everything from our email templates to our printed materials! We contracted with the talented folks at Company Bell (including Joy’l VerHeul from Madison North) to come alongside us in this work.

We believe that these new tools will give us fresh and impactful ways to reach out to our community as well as to communicate more effectively with each other as one church in three locations. Our staff across all sites is excited to have new supports in place for ministry. Our all site council has given an enthusiastic thumbs up to this fresh expression of the call God has placed on us.

And, at the same time, we recognize that change can be difficult and that there may be mixed emotions about these steps that we are taking into a new season. The tension here reminds us of the juxtaposition of Isaiah 43:18-19 and Isaiah 46:9 where Israel is told both to “forget the former things, do not dwell on the past” and to “remember the former things, those of long ago!”

We know that both these commands can be simultaneously true: God is unchanging, yet He does new things and calls us to follow Him into new seasons. This truth is reflected in the renewal of our logo. Cherished elements of our old logo created the foundation of our new one. The cross remains firmly at the center. Our city is modernized, and the hands are rooted, ever present, at the base of the cross. The new pops of color allow us to highlight our multi cultural influences in a more inclusive way than our previous black and white representation.

The circle shape was inspired by the stained glass window of the Holy Spirit installed in the gathering room at the Square- the same window that was present in the original sanctuary at 1441 Madison. We are moving forward together as a church that both welcomes new steps, and honors and builds upon the steps of those who have come this far by faith.

SO many stories. SO many faces. SO many voices.
Many have only engaged with the same repetitive names and historical figures that have become the face of Black History Month. Let’s stretch ourselves this month and listen to other stories, see the differences in faces, and allow new voices to shift your perception. Let’s search for other voices. Let’s engage in the discovery of diversity.

To facilitate these discussions in your circle(s), we want to provide some resources beyond what you may have discovered to best help you begin to engage the Black experience and Black History Month in simple and relative ways. There are also ways to commemorate this month, intentionally and safely. Throughout the month, we will add resources to this document to enrich your engagement. We pray you are inspired and changed by these experiences.

Pertinent Conversations

Disciple Out Racism with Albert Tate. The Danger of a Single Story

Find More Resources at


Chef L’Soul Filled (LaKisha Harris) is gracing Madison Church with her flair of class, ingenuity, and soul-filled service. To enable us to continue experiencing the diversity of the black culture Madision is hosting a Zoom cooking encounter where Chef has invited us to cook with her – hearing her story about culture and how she is committed to feeding the souls of her community. She has a love for the community at large, is benevolent, and always looking for an opportunity to *BLESS OTHERS.

SHE IS KNOWN FOR COOKING WITH LOVE! You can taste the passion, love, and special TOUCH FROM GOD in anything she creates. This virtual time of community-building is sure to provide us with some new cooking skills, a time of listening and learning, cultural trivia, and full hearts, souls, and bellies. We’ll be cooking along with her during this event. Sign up for details and shopping list. This is going to fun for us all!


*Registered attendees will be added to a raffle to win 1 of 4 $25 Gift Cards to L’Soul Filled Eatery, Muskegon, Michigan (courtesy of Chef Harris)!

Register For This Event!

Madison Youth

It has been SO GREAT reconnecting with some students and leaders on Zoom!

You’re personally invited to log-on, play some games, laugh with us, share how you’re doing, pray with us, and receive an encouraging Word.

No need to sign up ahead of time!

Click here to join the Zoom call!

Catch the Antioch Podcast release, this week.
Click the image below:

Episode 124: “Kinism and Church Culture.”


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